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earp's seafood grouper


All groupers are members of the sea bass family, Serranidae, and are found in tropical and warm temperate waters worldwide. Black and red grouper are the most popular of these.

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earp's seafood salmon


Canadian gourmets look forward to the arrival of May when Chinook salmon return from their long voyage at sea to spawn in the river of their birth. Scientists still don’t

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trout fillets on ice

Trout: Fit For A King

In 1812, with nearly 700,000 men, Napoleon Bonaparte, self-crowned emperor of the French and self-proclaimed king of Italy, embarked on his ill-fated plan to invade Russia.  It was the beginning

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mahi mahi on ice


The mahi-mahi (Cotyphaena hippurus), also known as dolphin or dorado, is one of the most beautiful fish in the sea; brilliantly colored with an iridescent bluish green and gold body,

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tuna slab of marbled red color

Tuna: On The Grill

Red wine enthusiasts who don’t want to give up steak but find their girth too thick to their liking can easily turn to tuna. It is much like meat in

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live blue crabs up close

NC Blue Crabs

The blue crab is common to all North Carolina coastal waters, but the largest populations tend to live in the Albemarle and Pamlico sounds. In 2011, over 30 million pounds

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earp's seafood shrimp


North Carolina has three main types of shrimp: brown, pink and white. Shrimp are estuarine dependent — that means they live in marshes and estuaries when they are very young

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